Add a Chart to a Report

To add a chart to a report:

  1. Add columns to the data table on the data item that you want to feed data to the chart control with. For example:

  2. Create a footer section for the data item. When you drag and drop a chart control for a footer section, the Chart Wizard appears.

  3. Select the relevant chart type.


  1. To set up the data binding, in the Property Grid, you must assign Data Member to the data item holding the data table and you must assign Series Data Member to the value representing the x-axis.

  2. To add the series for the y-axis, in the Series Collection Editor, on the Properties tab, you must assign the Value Data Member to the value representing the y-axis and, if the Series Data Member is a string (as in this example) then you must set the Argument Scale Type to Qualitative.

After setting up the chart, the result will look like this: