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Order a ForNAV license OnPrem

To order a ForNAV license for Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central OnPrem or private cloud, please fill in the license order information below.

From May 1, 2024, all new ForNAV customers will only be able to buy from the Cloud price list. The ForNAV license includes Dual Use Rights (yearly only), so you can run Microsoft Cloud, or you can deploy your solution on-premise (OnPrem) or in a private Cloud environment, according to your preference. The OnPrem license needs to be ordered below.

When you send the license order, we’ll send a copy of your order to you.

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    See the Price List for details ( If you order a partner license, please also fill in the customer information below. Partner licenses are covered by the ForNAV Partner Agreement.

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    The number of ForNAV users must at any time be the same as the number of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users (Essentials/Premium, NAV full users or equivalent).

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