Welcome to ForNAV Support

ForNAV support services are designed for our existing Dynamics partners. If you are a ForNAV customer, please contact your ForNAV partner for support.

This support page provides ForNAV partners with the essential information they need to understand where to find relevant support information and when to reach out to us for help.

ForNAV Support eligibility and requirements

At ForNAV, our support is exclusively available for existing Dynamics partners. To ensure the best support experience, we kindly request partners meet the following prerequisites:

  • Possess basic ForNAV knowledge, achieved through e-learning, online training, or similar. Contact us if you would like to schedule a basic ForNAV training session for your staff
  • Hold general knowledge about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

We exclusively offer support, through our partners, to customers with an active enhancement plan, facilitated through our partners.

We also strongly encourage our partners to designate one or two “specialists” internally. These specialists are your go-to experts for building knowledge and experience within your organization. Strong in-house knowledge of ForNAV could be the fastest way to a swift resolution of any challenges you may encounter.

ForNAV pre-sales support

We stand right by your side to facilitate your pre-sales activities and to make a strong case for ForNAV solutions. Therefore, ForNAV offers complimentary pre-sales support, including:

  • Guidance on product benefits
  • Feature insights
  • Pricing assistance
  • Demonstrations, and more

What’s covered by the free ForNAV Support?

Our free support services encompass a wide range of assistance:

  • Answers to questions on how to use ForNAV
  • Guidance on ForNAV capabilities and possibilities, for example, answering questions to clearly define what ForNAV can do and how it can match your specific business requirements
  • Troubleshooting errors and bugs
  • Providing fixes or updates to resolve issues. We cannot stress strongly enough the importance for partners and customers to conduct testing before going live

We welcome your suggestions for improvements, new features, reports, and so on, which we will consider for future versions of ForNAV. Please note, we cannot guarantee the implementation of all suggestions.

What’s not covered by the free ForNAV Support?

Certain areas fall outside the scope of our free support:

Contact ForNAV Support

Create a new support request

Facing a challenge with your ForNAV solution? Prior to submitting a support request, please ensure you’ve explored our resources and verified your eligibility for ForNAV Support. If you still need assistance, please write a mail to support@fornav.com or Open a New Support Request. We’re here to help!

Get assistance from our Service Partners

ForNAV Service Partners are skilled ForNAV experts that offer ForNAV training and consultancy services. If you’re interested in providing your staff with ForNAV training to acquire the knowledge needed to avoid frequent support inquiries, please connect with one of our service partners.

General inquiries about our support services

If you have any inquiries regarding our responsibilities or services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with you.