ForNAV training for enhanced Business Central reporting

Our training offerings

ForNAV was developed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. It is fast to install, simple to learn, and easy to customize. Despite this ease of use, you can greatly benefit from delving deeper into our reporting solution, enabling you to unlock its full range of functionality.
Participating in training is an opportunity to ensure you’re not overlooking innovative ways to significantly improve the way you work with reports in Business Central. It’s the most effective way to maximize the benefits of the ForNAV solution. At ForNAV, we provide diverse training options, including a complimentary session for all new partners embracing ForNAV, along with the training offerings described below.

Get started fast with our step-by-step tutorial

We have produced this small guide, meant both as a tutorial to help new ForNAV users to get started and as a reference for experienced ForNAV users. Whether you use ForNAV for Business Central SaaS or onPrem, this tutorial will walk you through setting up ForNAV with easy-to-follow steps. It covers editing your initial report and provides insight into ForNAV’s structure and functionality. By following this guide, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the ForNAV Designer, custom layouts, and templates, as well as records, data items, group totals, transport totals, and utilizing JavaScript with ForNAV.
This step-by-step tutorial is provided free of charge and can be accessed here:

ForNAV online training session

Some of our ForNAV Service Partners offer online training sessions for customers and partners. These training sessions, though time-limited, cover topics essential for optimizing your use of ForNAV. The training content can be customized to suit your specific needs and address any questions you may have. Moreover, this training format offers an invaluable opportunity to interact with other users and address any queries or concerns you may have about utilizing ForNAV in your organization.
Contact us to arrange a customized training session:

ForNAV e-learning

We have designed an e-learning program to expedite the onboarding process for ForNAV users and ensure the most efficient and effective utilization of our reporting solution. The program aims to provide users with a straightforward method for setting up ForNAV and generating professional-looking reports in Business Central. The ForNAV e-learning program comprises two elements: the ForNAV Getting Started courses and the ForNAV Fundamentals courses.

The ForNAV Getting Started courses
The ForNAV Getting Started courses are a complimentary resource designed to facilitate a quick and easy introduction to setting up and using ForNAV. Using these courses, you will understand how the ForNAV Designer is built, as well as be able to perform simple tasks such as editing your reports.
The complimentary ForNAV Getting started courses can be accessed here.

The ForNAV Fundamentals courses
The ForNAV Fundamentals e-learning program includes over 80 lessons, providing the most comprehensive method to handle most of your Business Central report handling yourself using ForNAV. After completing the entire program, you will be able to:

  • Create new reports
  • Edit your reports
  • Work with templates
  • Add data items to your reports
  • Get data from anywhere in BC – and from any extension
  • Manage permissions
  • Add totals
  • Work with email layouts
  • And much more..

Who’s this program for? Application managers, consultants, and developers, or anyone interested in learning how to create and customize Business Central reports using ForNAV.
The e-learning program features user-friendly materials, such as video tutorials, detailed explanations, and interactive quizzes to monitor your progress. Whether you’re already familiar with ForNAV or completely new to it, this program facilitates a quick start, enabling you to generate customized reports tailored to your requirements.
This e-learning program is essential for achieving professional proficiency with ForNAV. It can be used as a standalone resource available whenever needed, or as a complement to ForNAV (online) class training sessions for more in-depth exploration of specific ForNAV functions to meet your company’s specific needs.

The ForNAV Fundamentals courses can be accessed for a one-time fee of $250 per user here. This grants you perpetual access to the Fundamentals courses, along with all future ongoing updates and enhancements.