Version History (Report Pack)

Here you will find the version history of the ForNAV Standard Report Pack:

  • Excel reports (Customer Ledger Entries, General Ledger Entries, Item Ledger Entries, Value Entries, and Vendor Ledger Entries)
  • Swiss QR Invoice (Separate)
  • Return Shipment
  • Return Receipt
  • Purchase Return Order (VAT/Sales Tax)
  • Blanket Purchase Order (VAT/Sales Tax)
  • Purchase Receipt (VAT/Sales Tax)
  • Assembly Order
  • Transfer Order
  • Transfer Shipment
  • Transfer Receipt
  • Template for Email Body Layouts
  • Add item tracking lines, Assembly Lines, VAT/Sales Tax lines, and payment service information to any Business Central report
  • Export/Import backup of ForNAV Setup, Layouts, Language, and File Storage
  • Importing ForNAV backup, layouts, and language files using PowerShell
  • Statement report is now compatible with Continia’s Payment management solution
  • Improved new reports gallery
  • Report Pack with support for Universal Code

  • Swiss QR Reports (QR-Bill and Invoice with QR Part)
  • Added separately assignable ForNAV User + Admin permission sets
  • US Check fix for printing manual entries
  • US Check fix for voiding multiple journal lines printed on a single check
  • Update No. Printed on Service documents
  • Various fixes and improvements in the ForNAV statement, including the statement grand total in the local currency
  • Added Sales Return Order report
  • Added Service Contract Quote
  • Fixed bugs on label reports
  • Added separate begin and end sections on the reminder documents
  • Enabled printing of Pro Forma sales invoices

  • Update of Service document reports
  • Clean up of the layouts across all document reports
  • Fixed NLD Statement output caption
  • Increased aging bugger Account Name field length to 100 characters
  • Added Check No Stub, Entry No, and Entry Type fields to the Check Model for easier check designing
  • Added return receipt and shipment to Update No. Printed tabledata
  • Fixed reminder line total issue
  • Added Service Item List on Service Invoice and Credit memo
  • Fixed missing labels on label sheet
  • Added permission sets
  • US Check would not void payment journal lines for multiple payments on one check

  • Fix for ForNAV report lists in multi company tenants

  • Support for Business Central 18
  • Same codebase across BC14-BC18 OnPrem and BC Cloud
  • VAT percentage is shown in VAT total on document report if is there is only one VAT rate
  • New Picking List report
  • Added Archived Document tables to the ForNAV VAT codeunit, so VAT gets calculated for reports based on those tables
  • Added events so you can define custom categories to be added to the ForNAV reports page
  • Fixed the Sales Statistics Report:
    – Fixed grouping per customer
    – Fixed Credit note totaling
    – Total amount LCY, Cost LCY, Profit LCY
    – Group Totals for same
    – Amount LCY for credit note shown as negative
  • Added InitializeRequest procedure to statement so the statement report can be run from AL
  • Fixed the Purchase Statistics report
  • Check Stub amount is incorrect when the amount to pay is smaller than original amount
  • Added new tables and an event to the UpdateNoPrinted codeunit:
    – “Service Contract Header”
    – “Service Cr.Memo Header”
    – “Service Header”
  • Added get the first bank account when running the check
  • Fixed the check discount bug
  • Fixed VAT lines not shown on the Sales Template
  • Support for Poland in the English language

  • When a temp layout was selected, the master reports always ran on the built-in layout
  • Fix for problem when saving custom layout to company with non-ANSI characters

  • Archiving feature introduced
  • Fix for permission set
  • Support for service endpoint settings to help debugging
  • Fix for report list where captions exceeded 50 characters
  • Fix for Aged Accounts totals
  • Fix for check reports with negative amounts
  • Fix for captions in AgingBuffer
  • Field Inventory Posting Group in the ForNAV Inventory Valuation table extended from 10 to 20 characters
  • Fix for duplicate key error when translating standard captions
  • Support for BC17 optimization of loading fields
  • Implicit and explicit WITH statements were removed
  • Support for NewPageWithoutTransportTotals() and NewPage() on cloud
  • Fixed export/import errors for language and report layout
  • Fixed error when a JavaScript record was not found
  • Fix for use of filter groups when setting Dataitemlink and Tableview on records on cloud
  • Check fix for multiple bank accounts
  • Fix of caption issues
  • Error should not occur if dataitem was missing in the layout
  • Added content to assisted and manual setup
  • Update to Statement report

  • Report pack fix for report captions with more than 50 characters in the name
  • Fix for headers in the Aging Band in Statement report
  • Inventory Posting Group field was extended to 20 characters in the Inventory Valuation table
  • Fix for checks with a negative amount
  • Fix for Aged Accounts Payables and Receivables totals