ForNAV e-learning program

We are happy to introduce a new way to optimize your ForNAV onboarding process and make sure you get the most out of your investment in ForNAV. With the launch of our dedicated e-learning program, we aim to equip you with the skills to excel in using ForNAV to deliver outstanding and professional reports in Business Central (BC).

What does our e-learning program offer?

The ForNAV e-learning program offers user-friendly resources, like video tutorials, detailed explanations, and interactive quizzes to track progress. Whether you’re a ForNAV expert or a vnewcomer, it ensures you can get started quickly and is instrumental in helping you create spotless customized reports and achieve professional proficiency with ForNAV.
The ForNAV e-learning program comprises two elements:

ForNAV Getting Started courses (free of charge): Dive into the basics of ForNAV with our complimentary introductory courses. Learn how to navigate the ForNAV Designer and perform essential tasks, like report editing, with ease.

ForNAV Fundamentals courses ($250): Take your expertise to the next level with over 80 in-depth lessons covering everything from report creation to managing permissions. Whether you’re an application manager, consultant, or developer, these courses are tailored to help you master Business Central reporting using ForNAV.

You can read all the details about the ForNAV e-learning program here, or access the Getting Started and Fundamentals courses here.

3 excellent reasons to buy our e-learning program

  • Achieve your full Business Central reporting potential: With access to the ForNAV Fundamentals courses, you can gain full professional proficiency in ForNAV, enabling you to produce professional reports in BC that match your or your customers’ needs
  • Learn at your own speed: The course gives you access to user-friendly materials, including video tutorials and interactive quizzes, that will help you enhance your learning journey – in the order and at the speed that suits you
  • It’s an affordable investment: For a one-time fee of $250 per user, you gain perpetual access to our Fundamentals courses, including future updates and enhancements

Try it now—take advantage of our time-limited free trial

To let you thoroughly explore the benefits of the complete ForNAV e-learning program, we are currently offering a time-limited free trial.
Sign up today, or before June 30th 2024, to enjoy full access to all the courses in the ForNAV e-learning program for a limited period of three months. You can opt out of the free trial at any time. To retain your access to the program at the end of the trial period, you can decide to purchase the full course for a one-time fee of $250 per user.
Alternatively, you can get a glimpse of our new e-learning program by accessing the ForNAV Getting Started e-learning courses, which are free of charge. This will provide you with a preview of what to expect when you gain access to the Fundamentals courses.
To access the ForNAV e-learning program and free trial, click here.