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Financial transactions and payments require efficiency and accuracy. And many governments around the globe are looking into methods that will facilitate payment automation, contactless payments, and paperless payments. The introduction of the Swiss QR bill is a significant development in Switzerland’s payment landscape, designed to enhance the ease of conducting financial transactions. The Swiss payment system, consisting of various financial institutions, payment service providers, and regulatory bodies, collaborated to establish these new common standards for payments.

What is the Swiss QR bill?

The Swiss QR bill is a standardized payment slip that replaces traditional payment methods. It simplifies the process of making payments and invoices by integrating all necessary information into a single invoice QR code.

Benefits of the Swiss QR bill

The QR-based invoicing introduced by Switzerland is a big step forward in the business world, bringing many important advantages to Swiss companies.

Efficient payments
The application of the Swiss QR bill streamlines payment processes and enables businesses to receive payments more quickly and accurately. Customers can simply scan the QR code on invoices, reducing manual data entry errors, ensuring timely payments, and increasing payment efficiency.

Improved customer experience
Because it makes payments simple and fast, the Swiss QR bill enhances the overall customer experience.

Cost savings
Automating payment processes and reducing manual intervention saves time and cuts costs.

Reduced error rate
The standardized format of the Swiss QR code reduces the risk of errors in payment processing.

Compliance and reporting
The introduction of the Swiss QR bill helps companies comply with Swiss payment standards and meet regulatory requirements.


Meeting the very specific requirements of the QR code in Swiss QR bills

This QR code is the central element of the QR bill. It contains essential details such as the payee’s account information, the invoice amount, and the purpose of payment. This standardization has immense benefits for both businesses and individuals, making transactions smoother and more accurate, allowing for streamlined payments and simplified transactions. This QR code must include a Swiss cross logo to signify its compliance with Swiss payment standards. Also, it must meet very specific requirements about size, resolutions, and quiet zone.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central support for the Swiss QR bill

To implement the Swiss QR bill into their payment processes, businesses need to ensure that their ERP systems can support the new format, in particular the QR code specifications. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for this purpose is not possible because this solution renders the QR code as a bitmap. However, for the QR code to be scaled correctly by the PDF reader, it needs to be rendered as vector graphics and not a bitmap.

Bitmap files are always scaled when shown in the PDF viewer or when printed. As a result, trying to match or increase the resolution does not solve the problem: the QR bill would include a rasterized QR code that would not pass quality tests and would risk being unreadable by barcode readers.

The ForNAV solution to the Swiss QR bill challenge

As an alternative to the Microsoft QR bill reports, the ForNAV Customizable Report Pack includes four reports that comply with the SPS 2022 and ISO 20022 standards.

  • Swiss QR-bill
  • Swiss QR-Invoice (integrated)
  • Swiss QR-Invoice (separate)
  • Swiss QR-Service Invoice

ForNAV comes out of the box with the above-mentioned reports all compliant with the Swiss QR bill specifications. These reports were built using the existing ForNAV barcode control capabilities. This means that ForNAV supports creating the special Swiss QR code in vector graphics, including the Swiss flag in the middle.

The reports are included with the ForNAV Customizable Report Pack and come at no additional cost. Support for the Swiss QR bill is included in the standard ForNAV subscription.

Also, these reports work on all localizations, supporting both Swiss companies and foreign companies doing business with Swiss organizations.

Download the ForNAV Report Pack and make sure that your QR bills meet the standards

To ensure that your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is compliant with Swiss payment standards, download ForNAV now.

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