Troubleshooting the NAV web service

Sometimes you can experience problems accessing the NAV OData web service for the Fields page 7702. This page will try to help you troubleshoot the configuration and use of the OData web service.

Special Characters in Company Names

The OData web service can have problems when you use special characters in the company name. The suggestion to overcome this problem is to create a new company with a simple name such as ABC. Then you can get the URL for the OData web service pointing to company ABC. Since the ForNAV Converter does not need company specific information from the web service, everything will still work in the conversion when using the URL to company ABC.

Enable OData

Make sure that you have enabled the use of OData in the management interface for the NAV service. A small video that shows you how to do this on the Getting Started page.

Restart of the NAV service

Always remember to restart the NAV service after changing the OData configuration in the administration interface.

Use the latest NAV service pack

Microsoft have made a few improvements in the way the OData is handled. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure that you are on the most recent update.

OData Alternative

In case you cannot make OData work well on your system, you can use a file with table information instead. There is a separate article on how to Export Table Definitions

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