OData and firewalls

When you are trying to access an OData web service in Dynamics NAV, you may run into firewall issues.

Firewalls can be configured in many different ways. Sometimes you need to access the web service using a different URL than the one used by Dynamics NAV by default. In the service tier configuration file and the administration tool, you can find a setting where you can change the base URL of the OData web service. You can change things such as the protocol, machine name, and port number. It will change how NAV exposes the web service. It will only change how NAV tell others how to look at it.

Note: A restart of the service tier is usually required when you change the service tier settings.

Note: If you forget to add http:// or https:// to your OData Base URL you may see and error saying “Invalid URI: The hostname could not be parsed.