Direct Print and Follow-Me Printing

Do you want to use ForNAV Direct Print with a Follow-Me print solution? Here is a helpful hint on how to successfully combine the two.

You might find it challenging because the Follow-Me print software typically uses the user ID on the print job to determine where to send it. Unfortunately, with the service-based edition of Direct Print, the user ID that is used is for the service account, not the user. Therefore, the Follow-Me print software might not have the correct information to route the print job.

To solve this problem, our suggestion is to use the client print edition of ForNAV Direct Print. This allows the print job to be downloaded by the browser and sent to the printer in the context of the logged-in user, ensuring that the correct user ID is used. (Please note that this solution is only compatible with Windows-based PCs.)


Keywords: Follow Me; FollowMe