Install the ForNAV Report Service on Docker

With the new addition of the Report Service, you must also install it when you want to run ForNAV in a Dockerized Business Central installation.

To install the ForNAV Report Service on Docker:

Step 1.

Build your Business Central container.

Simply build your containers as usual, but open port 8080 as well.

Step 2.

Copy the ForNAV installer and the Universal Code extension files.

To copy the ForNAV files to your Docker container, use the Docker Copy command:

docker stop $containerName

$dest = “{0}:\{1}” -f $containerName, ‘ForNAVUC’

docker cp ‘<path to the folder with the installer, app files and script>’


Step 3.

Install the ForNAV Report Service using PowerShell.

To run the installer using PowerShell, open the Docker Containers PowerShell command prompt and run the following script:

Start-Process -FilePath .\ReportsForNAV_7_0_0_2382.exe -ArgumentList /COMPONENTS=“deployment\reportservice”, /VERYSILENT, /NORESTART, /SUPPRESSMESSAGEBOXES, /LOG=“.\fnlog.txt”


You can find all the ForNAV installer command line switches here:

Step 4.

Install the ForNAV Universal Code extensions using PowerShell.

You can use the normal Business Central PowerShell commands for this. For example:

# Sample install script

# This is a simplified example, which does not do other operations that may be needed.

# The administration module must be loaded for this script to run.

$dllVersion = “”

$appVersion = “”

$instance = “BC”


InstallApplication($path, $name, $version) {

“Install $name

    Publish-NAVApp -ServerInstance $instance -SkipVerification -Path $path

    Sync-NAVApp -ServerInstance $instance -Name $name -Version $version -Mode Add -Force -ErrorAction Stop

    Install-NAVApp -ServerInstance $instance -Name $name -Version $version



Start-Process -FilePath .\ReportsForNAV_7_0_0_2382.exe -ArgumentList /COMPONENTS=“deployment\reportservice”, /VERYSILENT, /NORESTART, /SUPPRESSMESSAGEBOXES, /LOG=“.\fnlog.txt”


InstallApplication “.\ForNAV Language Module $”
‘ForNAV Language Module’

InstallApplication “.\ForNAV Core $”
‘ForNAV Core’

InstallApplication “.\ForNAV Customizable Report Pack $”
‘Customizable Report Pack’

InstallApplication “.\ForNAV Service (experimental version using HTTP service) $”
‘ForNAV Service’