New license system for Reports ForNAV

Reports ForNAV requires a ForNAV license file. This is good news for partners and customers, as our license system ensures that partners and customers are duly licensed. It also eases the administration for trial licenses because you can still run and show all the features of ForNAV without a license. The only limitation in a trial version (that is without a license file) is that the text “Reports ForNAV Trial Version” is added to all pages. You can download the trial version of ForNAV from

When running Reports ForNAV version and higher, a ForNAV license file is required. You must install the license file on the service tiers running ForNAV.

ForNAV partners can order a license file for customers, and a developer license, or an internal use license, here:

Existing customers will automatically receive a ForNAV license file through their ForNAV partner.

Please note that any version of ForNAV prior to version will no longer work after October 24, 2016.

If you need help installing the license file, you can find it here: