Announcing Reports ForNAV 3.2

We are happy to announce general availability of ForNAV 3.2 (

This new version of ForNAV includes support for HTML and (Rich Text Format) RTF; an option to compare two versions of a ForNAV report; and, in particular for the US market, we now have a very easy-to-work-with check report.

New standard reports

  • Check report (for the US market)

    We are introducing the simplicity of ForNAV in the Check report: one report that supports all printing combinations and that can be modified by a consultant or power user. We’ve tested our new Check report and it can be implemented in 1-2 hours. The report is easy to set up by sending a test to the printer without having to populate the payment journal. It moves the complex code that voids the checks and creates check ledger entries to Codeunits.


  • Inventory to G/L reconciliation

    Our new Inventory to G/L reconciliation report is optimized for performance and slice and dice in Excel. Testing on real customer databases with 50-60GB and 12 years of data showed a performance improvement of 1000%, meaning the report runs up to 10 times faster.

    See an example of the test here:


  • Sales & Purchase Statistics

    The Sales and Purchase Statistics reports allow you to easily combine invoices and credit memo documents in one view and analyze your company’s performance.


ForNAV Converter

In ForNAV 3.2, the ForNAV Converter includes the following new improvement:

  • Information window with news from ForNAV in the Converter.


ForNAV Designer

In ForNAV 3.2, the ForNAV Designer includes the following new improvements:

  • HTML and Rich Text Format in Dynamics NAV Reports

    Using Reports ForNAV, you can add HTML and Rich Text Format (RTF) content to your reports. This means that you can write HTML and RTF directly in the Designer or you can use content stored in your NAV database. Read more here.


  • ForNAV now supports intelligent word wrapping (soft hyphens) of captions and date recognition.

    Most of the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports are developed using English captions that generally contain a short single word, which means that there is often a problem with word wrapping captions in other languages, such as German, where the words are generally longer. Read more here.


  • Comparing two version of a ForNAV report

    The ForNAV cmdlet ( has been extended to support Diff and Patch of the ForNAV report layout. Read more here.


  • You can view a dataset as XML from the Designer

    In the same way as in the RDLC viewer, you can view the dataset as XML from the Designer and get details about keys, controls, sections, group totals, and more.


You can see the full list of changes to ForNAV here:

You can download ForNAV 3.2 here:

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