Intelligent word wrapping (soft hyphens)

ForNAV now supports intelligent word wrapping (soft hyphens) of captions and date recognition

Most of the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports are developed using English captions that generally contain a short single word, which means that there is often a problem with word wrapping captions in other languages, such as German, where the words are generally longer.

Another issue is when the dash character is used in dates because it is interpreted as a good place to break up words.

On top of these issues, the RDLC rendering engine has a built-in flaw making it print out fewer characters than there is room for. For tables, this means that words are being cut-off before it is necessary and, for standalone controls, where the control has been designed as slightly larger to compensate for the clipping, it means that the text sometimes overlaps with the control next to it:

This example, from the standard “Fixed Asset – Book Value 01” RDLC report, shows the issues:

With ForNAV, using soft hyphens (a dash that is only shown if the word is broken up), formatting dates without splitting because of a dash, and with the correct measurement of how many characters there is room for, the same report looks like this:

Currently, we have implemented soft hyphens for the most common business words in German, English, Danish, and Dutch – and we’ll add more languages and words over time by request.