Announcing Reports ForNAV 3.1

We are happy to announce general availability of ForNAV 3.1, a significant update to ForNAV 3.0.

With this new version of ForNAV, we have support for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018, and support for Windows 10 update 1709 Fall Creator Edition.


Updated standard reports

  • Extended Fields Web Service

    The ForNAV Extended Fields Web Service “FieldsEx” allows you to enable custom Field Lookups on custom fields in your application
    and to lookup option values instead of integers in Table Views, making it easier to add related information to your reports without writing code.

  • Translations

    The standard reports are now translated to all standard NAV languages (except Russian).

  • Warehouse Shipment & Receipt added

    When you use Warehouse Shipments and/or Receipts, you can use the new ForNAV standard reports. (Please note that there are no report selections available in WMS; you must change the report ID in the NAV code).

  • Changed Charts on Customer & Vendor top 10 lists

    We now use the enhanced ForNAV chart control, which displays both columns in these reports.

  • Optimized Financial reports

    The Financial reports are enabled to use JavaScript instead of data item values. This enables end-users to make more advanced changes to the reports, such as adding grand totals or selecting any field from any table that is part of the data items or ForNAV record collections, using the ForNAV Designer and Custom Report Layouts.

  • CanGrow setting in document reports

    The Address field and the Line Description field are set to CanGrow. When printing longer descriptions, the report automatically uses more space.

  • Statement Report added

    You can now print statements using the ForNAV standard reports.

  • Customer Payments report added

    The Customer Payments report shows which invoices are applied to which payments.


ForNAV Converter

In ForNAV 3.1, the ForNAV Converter includes the following new improvements:

  • New feature to add a comment when converting.


ForNAV Designer

The ForNAV Designer now functions as a 100% replacement of C/SIDE’s built-in Data item and Column designers.

In ForNAV 3.1, the ForNAV Designer includes the following new improvements:

  • New Designer “better than C/SIDE” dialogs for selecting the data item tables, editing table views and selecting fields for Group total, Calc fields and request filter fields.
  • Support for the CanGrow setting on header, group and body sections.
  • Print to Excel from preview.
  • Fix where default font size 7 was ignored.
  • The format of the FieldGroup addresses now relies on the setting in the G/L Setup and Contact Address Format on the record.
  • BLOBs with text string are now shown in Excel.
  • Support for printers that cannot print copies.
  • Chart can now have strings as the x-axis.
  • Support for master reports in 2013 / 2013R2.
  • Fix for barcodes with transparent background. Transparency is now ignored.
  • Support for address name fields that are prefixed with Customer or Vendor. This fixes a problem with the addresses in tables 36 and 38.
  • New Designer dialog for selecting the data item table.
  • RDLC reports are now converted correctly when SETDATA contains blank values.
  • The About box with license check has been added to the preview dialog.
  • Support for NAV server authentication with user name and password in the Designer.
  • Fix for printing to the default printer from the web client.
  • Cross-section boxes and lines are now rendered on top of the other controls in a section.
  • Sparkline control now supports colors.
  • The size and position of windows in the Designer are now automatically saved, and restored when the Designer is re-opened.
  • Support for HTML and RTF was added.
  • Many other minor improvements.


See the full list of changes to ForNAV here:

You can download ForNAV 3.1 here:

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