Using request page variables to filter JavaScript records

Read how to Add request page variables to a report as a prerequisite to this article

Sometimes you might want to set a dynamic filter on a JavaScript record in order to get a specific record.

With the ForNAV Designer is it possible to do this when editing an AL-object from Business Central Cloud or from OnPrem universal code ForNAV reports.


To use a request page variable to filter JavaScript records:

  1. Add a request page variable to the report:

  3. Add a JavaScript record with the link reference set to RequestPageVariables:

  5. Add a link to filter the record using the value of the request page variable:

  7. Now you can use fields from the JavaScript variable in the layout:

  9. When you save the report and run it, the request page contains the request page variables and a user can add the values that can then be used as JavaScript filters: