The object with ID 6189100 does not have a member with that ID

After ForNAV version (or any later version) of the Customizable Report Pack for Business Central Cloud was released, you can get the following error when running a ForNAV report: “The object with ID 6189100 does not have a member with that ID”.


Root cause

The root cause of this issue is that, by mistake, a parameter on a function in the report pack was changed from call by value to call by reference (var). This causes the function to get a new number when compiled to C# by the AL-compiler. This should have been caught by the Microsoft AppSource validation but it was not, but Microsoft will fix this moving forward.

Because the way Business Central works with everything compiled against the latest version of an AppSource extension (in this case the ForNAV extension), even though the version installed is an earlier version, when run it will try to call the function with the ID from and not the ID from the old version.



To fix this issue, you must check that the ForNAV Customizable Report Pack has been upgraded to To do this, look in the Business Central Admin Center under apps in your environment. If the ForNAV Customizable Report Pack has not been upgraded, you must upgrade ForNAV Language, ForNAV Core, and the ForNAV Customizable Report Pack extensions (in this order).

If you have extensions referencing the ForNAV Core extension and you get the error in these, you must uninstall and install these extensions as well.


Error message in English

The SourceExpr for report control “ReportForNAV_SalesInvoiceHeader” is not valid. The following error occured: Function ID 360670790 was called. The object with ID 6189100 does not have a member with that ID.


Error message in Danish

SourceExpr for rapportkontrolelementet “ReportForNav_Vendor” er ikke gyldig. Der opstod følgende fejl: Funktions-id’et 361404293 blev kaldt. Objektet med id’et 6189100 har ikke et medlem med dette id.


Error message in German:

Der SourceExpr für das Berichtsteuerelement “ReportForNav_Header” ist nicht gültig. Fehler: Funktions-ID 360670790 wurde aufgerufen. Das Objekt mit ID 6189100 enthält keinen Member mit dieser ID.