New JavaScript properties and functions in ForNAV 5.4

With version 5.4, you can now do everything in JavaScript that you can do in AL, and much more.

And the Field List in the Designer now makes it easier to use properties and functions on the report and dataitem object.


For example:

  • CurrReport.<dataitemid>.Pdf.Append(<Rec.BlobField>) –  appends a PDF from a blob field to the dataitem.
  • CurrReport.Watermark.Image.Image = <Rec.BlobFIeld> – sets the watermark for the next page.


In the JavaScript expression editor there are also additional JavaScript functions you can use:


  • CurrReport.DotNetFormat(<value>,'<dotnetformatstring>’) and CurrReport.DotNetFormat(<value>,'<dotnetformatstring>’,<languageid>) – format a value using a .net formatstring using the current language or a specific language.
  • CurrReport.Translate(‘<caption>’) – looks up the translation of a caption in the ForNAV Language table based on the current language.