How to add a PDF document to a Sales Invoice

Sometimes you might want to add an existing PDF to a Sales Invoice or Purchase Order, for example, to print assembly instructions or legal conditions.

You can do this using the advanced PDF features that ForNAV provides with BullZip.

Step 1 – Install BullZip

You can download and install BullZip from
License for Bullzip is embedded in your ForNAV licensed. Read more here:

Step 2 – Add two lines of code

Add the following two lines of code to the OnInitReport() trigger:

ReportForNav.PrinterSettings.SetValue('MergeFile','Q:\ForNAV\Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.pdf');

Note that ‘top’ means that the ForNAV report gets generated first.

Step 3 – Save the report to PDF

This feature only works if you save the result to PDF.