ForNAV and Bullzip

Reports ForNAV uses the Bullzip PDF Printer when it creates PDF documents. NAV will create a PDF document when the users chooses to save the report as a PDF, when the C/AL programmer calls functions such as REPORT.SAVEASPDF, or a report is run in preview mode.

The Bullzip PDF Printer must be installed on the NAV server. No installation is required on the NAV clients.


ForNAV has licensed the Bullzip PDF Printer for you. This means that if you have a valid license for Reports ForNAV then you don’t need a separate license from Bullzip to use the PDF Printer when running your reports. You will only need a license if you want to use the PDF printer for other purposes, such as a general purpose PDF printer for your users. Alternatively, you may want to use some of the PDF features with your RDLC reports.


You can find the latest version of the Bullzip PDF Printer at the official Bullzip website.