Format using report language

For decades, NAV and Business Central have let you switch language on-the-fly when printing out document reports, by setting the CurrReport.Language field in a report. From the start, the ForNAV report pack has leveraged this feature.

However, this has not been the case with formatting, which always followed the global language of the installation. This can lead to problems at the receiving end if the global language is US and the report language is European, or vice versa. It results in the decimal and group characters being swapped in decimal numbers, the day and month numbers swapped in dates, and hours reported as AM/PM or following the 24-hour clock.

For example:

  • October 9th 2020 is always formatted as 10/9/20 in the US and as 9/10/20 in Europe.
  • 1000 is always formatted as 1,000.00 in the US and as 1.000,00 in Europe.


To solve this issue, the ForNAV Designer now has a Format using report language property, which formats Decimal, Date, Time, and DateTime.


When the Format using report language property is set to True, values are always formatted according to the language set by the CurrReport.Language field and not by the global language.