Change the folder of the extension layout files

When you create a new Business Central report in an extension, you get two files: an AL file, which contains the code, and a layout file, which contains the layout information of the report.

By default, ForNAV stores all the layout files for new and converted reports in the Layouts folder of your extension.

In the AL file of your report, there must be a reference to the layout file of the report. This is a path relative to the base folder of your extension. For the above standard setup, the following is the reference:

Of course, you can change the folders where your report AL and layout files are stored. The AL files can be in any folder. When you move the layout file, you must change the layout path in the AL file. For instance, if you store both the report and layout files in the Source\Reports folder, your path needs to be the path to this folder from the base of the extension, Source\Reports


For example, when you store the report in the src\Financial folder and the layout in the src\Layouts folder:

Finally, if you want to test your folder path, you can open the report AL file in the ForNAV Designer. If your layout shows, then your path is correct.