Backslashes and line breaks

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a backslash sometimes represents a line break in the text. This works really well unless you actually want to display the backslash character instead of a line break!

With ForNAV, you can show the backslash in a text box if the multiline property is set to no. If the multiline property is set to yes, then the backslash character will result in a line break.

If you want to show the backslash character and have the multiline property set to yes, then you need a workaround.

One potential workaround is to replace the normal backslash character (U+005C) with Unicode fullwidth solidus character (U+FF3C). It may not look perfect but it is a workaround.

For example, if you have this problem for the Item Description field, then you could use the following source expression:

Item.Description.replace(/\\/g, “\uFF3C”)

This source expression uses the JavaScript replace function to replace the backslash.