New prices for ForNAV OnPrem and ForNAV Cloud

In the last three years, we have significantly increased the functionality and features in ForNAV. You can now take advantage of our improved Report Pack, Direct Print (including RDLC and Word reports), a new JavaScript editor, improved language capabilities, e-mail body layout, and adding Data Items in the ForNAV Designer without touching Visual Studio Code – to mention just a few of the improvements that all mean an increase in productivity and value for users.

In all this time, we have not changed our pricing. But we want to make our prices more transparent, and adapt to what is happening in the market. Microsoft has changed their model, and we want to support the move to cloud, as well as increase parity between OnPrem and Cloud, driven by the Microsoft Universal Code initiative. In addition, currency fluctuations around the world have led to undesirable differences in pricing, which we would like to avoid.

Therefore, we have developed new prices for ForNAV OnPrem and ForNAV Cloud while continuing to offer excellent value for money; our prices are still significantly less than a single consultancy hour per month. You can find the new prices here:

The new prices for ForNAV OnPrem will take effect from June 1, 2022. The prices for ForNAV Cloud take effect immediately. Existing prices will be honored until May 31, 2022.

For existing customers who bought ForNAV on a one-time fee or perpetual license, prior to June 1, 2022, there will be no immediate changes to future enhancement. We are, however, following the increase from Microsoft from 16% to 17% from November 1, 2022. Existing subscription customers (OnPrem and Cloud) will be adjusted to the new prices at their next renewal after May 31, 2022. If you want existing customers to benefit from the new pricing prior to May 31, 2022, you can simply send a message to


Cloud pricing

We have simplified our Cloud pricing and aligned it further with our OnPrem pricing. We have removed the pricing for team members and devices. And we will no longer charge a one-time fee for converting reports to Cloud.

We have learned that monthly billing adds a lot of administration for customers, for you, and for us – even for very small amounts. We have therefore decided to add an invoice fee for monthly billing equal to 20 EUR for customers with less than 20 users. To avoid this fee, you can move to an unlimited number of users or you can move to yearly billing and benefit from the discounted pricing. To make any of this happen, just send a mail to


Updated partner requirements

We know that partners with more focus on ForNAV provide their customers with better support. As a consequence, partners will have to sell at least one new ForNAV license in a 12-month period to maintain their current margin. For partners not fulfilling this requirement, their margin on renewals of enhancements and subscriptions will go to 10%.