What are the advantages of using ForNAV over Microsoft Word when it comes to reporting?

In Microsoft Word, doing anything other than simple totaling – such as adding fields, data items or data from related tables – requires considerable development work, for example, you have to have different columns for different formatting because using Word in Business Central does not allow for macros or scripting. Maybe you’ve found it impossible in Word to create transport totals or have been struggling with page numbering. It can be nearly impossible to create group totals or work with Show/hide controls. With Microsoft Word layouts, you very quickly need to be able to use Visual Studio Code.


If you want to do more than just a few simple changes in your report layouts, you are much better off using ForNAV.


You can easily and quickly do almost everything in the ForNAV Designer without writing any code at all (and everything else you can do using Visual Studio Code). For anything other than changing an existing field, ForNAV takes half the time that Word takes. And probably even less. Depending on how much you want to customize, you can save considerable development work hours per year by using the ForNAV Designer. In most cases, the ForNAV Designer pays for itself if you want to change even just one or two reports a year.


ForNAV also enables end-users to modify or create their own reports, and has many valuable features, including:

  • Adding new fields and captions (drag and drop)
  • Barcodes/QR codes
  • Master sections/templates
  • Extended PDF support (incl. append/prepend)
  • New page controls
  • Support for JavaScript
  • Watermarks
  • Custom fonts
  • Language and terminology support
  • Archiving
  • And not the least: Direct Print


The ForNAV team is available to help and support you at any time. You can contact them on support@fornav.com.


Ready to get all the reporting advantages of ForNAV? Download Reports ForNAV here: www.fornav.com/download.


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