Printer errors

Sometimes you might run into an error message that looks like this:

A call to ForNav.Report.Pre failed with this message: Error in OnPreReport step ‘1423, Check printer selection’

Inner exception 1: You cannot print to \\servername\printername. Please check that you have permission to use it and if the printer is valid.

Even though the printer is online and valid, it might not be set up correctly in the user context where it is needed. If you are using the NAS, then the printer is used from a service context. You must connect the printer to the user context of the NAS service.

To do this:

  1. Look in the list of services on the machine and find the NAS service.
  2. In the Log On As column, find the name of the service user.
  3. Log on to the desktop as this user on the service machine.
  4. In the Run dialog box, enter the full UNC path of the printer.
  5. Connect to the printer and print a test page to make sure it is working.
  6. Now you can sign out and print using ForNAV. The printer is connected and initialized in the context of the service user.