New labels and label features

In ForNAV 7.1, we replaced some existing labels with brand new reports. The reason we did this is that the old labels were no longer compatible with the best practice of ForNAV report customization. They were created when custom report layouts, cloning reports, and adding virtual Data Items were not easily possible.

To be able to edit and customize these labels as easily as any other ForNAV report, we have obsoleted the following reports:

  • 6188660 “ForNAV Sales Item Price Tag”
  • 6188662 “ForNAV Production Label”
  • 6188661 “ForNAV Sales Shipment Label”

We have replaced and improved them with these reports:

  • 6188513 “ForNAV Prod Label”
  • 6188514 “ForNAV Sales Order Label”
  • 6188512 “ForNAV Sales Shpt. Label”
  • 6188515 “ForNAV Purch. Rcpt. Label”

The new labels have all the functionality of the old reports. In addition, they now feature a new Label Per Item Tracking Entry option that prints one label per lot or serial number. It is now also possible to add JavaScript records based on the original source tables.

The old label reports are still available to use but will no longer be actively maintained. If you want to use the old style reports, you can select the Use Obsolete Labels option in the ForNAV Label Setup page. There is no conversion for the old reports. If you have customized the old reports, you will need to redo that customization in the new reports.