New functions on Dataitem tables

string GetCaption() – returns the caption of the table

int GetOptionValue(string ExternalFieldName) – returns the value of an option as integer

string GetFilter(string ExternalFieldName) – returns a field filter

string GetFilters() – returns the table filter

CalcFields(ExternalFieldName1[,ExternalFieldName2,..]) – calculates the value of calc fields on a record

SetAutoCalcFields(ExternalFieldName1[,ExternalFieldName2,..]) – autocals the value of calc fields on a record


+ Additional functions on ForNAV tables:

bool Get(ExternalFieldName1[,ExternalFieldName2,..]) – Get the record based on primary key value

bool First() – Gets the first record in the table

bool Next() – Gets the next record in the table

SetFilter(ExternalFieldName[,Filter]) – Set a field filter