New features in Reports ForNAV 2.0

This document describes the new features in Reports ForNAV 2.0


  • Side-by-side installation enables you to run reports on different versions of ForNAV (the new ForNAV Designer and Converter supports conversion to previous versions of ForNAV, if they are installed). You can choose to upgrade only specific reports to a newer version.


    This means that specific 1.3 ForNAV reports must be reconverted to use the new runtime. If you do not do this, the reports will keep using the 1.3 runtime. For more information, see the Reconversion section in ForNAV Add-in Version 2.0


ForNAV Converter:

  • Improved conversion of RDLC reports
    • All VB functions used by NAV are supported (if you have your own VB functions, you must redo them in the ForNAV Designer using JavaScript in OnPreReport).
    • Table rows are placed correctly (if not, you can easily correct them in the ForNAV Designer).
    • Support for setting properties, such as bold, using JavaScript code.
    • Most of the standard NAV RDLC reports convert and run without any changes needed.
  • Conversion to a specific ForNAV version supports side-by-side installation (you select the target version of ForNAV in the Converter and Designer).
  • Overall performance improved, particularly when converting many reports in bulk.
  • Upgrading to NAV 2017 includes automatic upgrade of AL calls to Codeunit 365 FormatAddress or downgrade when moving 2017 ForNAV reports to previous versions of NAV.


ForNAV Designer:

  • New Master Section property enables reuse of sections from other reports. (For example, it makes it possible to maintain a single master for all document report headers and footers, “Master section” = “206,Header1” replaces the section with the layout  from Header1 in report 206).
  • General support for text and image watermarks (previously it was only supported with the BullZip pdf printer) including using scalable vector graphic images imported from pdf or EMF.
  • JavaScript can now be used for declaring global functions/variables and can also be used to set Control font properties dynamically:
    • Report : OnPreReport – can be used for defining global JavaScript variables, classes, and functions.
    • DataItem: OnPredataItem, OnAfterGetRecord – can be used to control the Watermark per page or setting variables to control the formatting.
    • TextBox control: OnPrint – can be used to control the formatting and coloring of the Text (for example, CurrControl.Font.Bold = true; CurrControl.ForeColor = ‘Blue’; )  
  • CurrReport.StandardCaptions contains translations for the most commonly used words in reports (Continue, Copy, Total…) in 20 languages.
  • Tooltips create a better overview of Source- and Showoutput-expressions.
  • LookupFields enable lookup in related tables without having to write AL code, variables, and columns. For example, LookupFields.CurrencyDescription returns “US Dollar” if CurrencyCode is “USD”. (A special case is LookupFields.CurrencyCode, which looks up LCY if CurrencyCode is blank.)
  • DataItem Table View, DataItem Table Link, and Data Item Link Reference are auto-populated for the most commonly used tables.
  • Section names can be changed.
  • New section Print Max Once Per Page property supports RDLC report behavior.
  • New report Always Right Adjust Code Values property supports RDLC behavior where Code fields are always right-aligned.
  • New Angle TextBox control property renders the text with the angle given.
  • New ReportForNav.CopyTo (“File or serverprinter name) C/AL function sends a copy to a PDF, Word, Excel, or XML file or prints to a server printer. The function can be called multiple times to send copies to multiple files and/or printers.
  • Image control now embeds a bitmap or PDF in the report layout.
  • PictureBox controls now support rendering of BLOB, Media, or MediaSets containing a bitmap, pdf, UTF8 string, Unicode string, or Ansi string.
  • Stylesheets support common fonts and colors across tables/rows, and support for different stylesheets for odd and even rows.