Reports ForNAV 1.3 Video Presentations

Get familiar with Reports ForNAV 1.3

Below you will find a list of videos that will help you learn more about Reports ForNAV 1.3:

  1. Introduction to Reports ForNAV
  2. Learn the basics of the Reports ForNAV Designer
  3. Creating new reports
  4. Edit your RDLC reports

Introduction to Reports ForNAV

See how easy it is to convert a C/SIDE (or “classic”) report to the newer versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and learn the basic technical structure of Reports ForNAV:

Learn the basics of the Reports ForNAV Designer

Learn the basic structure of the Reports ForNAV Designer, and how to do simple editing of your reports. This video also shows you the preview capabilities:

Creating new reports

See how easy you can create a new report for Microsoft Dynamics NAV – and learn examples of more advanced reporting capabilities, incl. JavaScript expressions:

Edit your RDLC reports

Learn how to convert and edit a Microsoft Dynamics NAV RDLC report with Reports ForNAV: