ForNAV Granule Required

To use ForNAV and work with the ForNAV Designer using extensions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central v14 and later, in an OnPrem (or private cloud) scenario, you must have the ForNAV granule (6188500 Reports ForNAV) configured in your Business Central license file. This is due to how Microsoft licensing and permissions work.

A Microsoft Dynamics partner must include the ForNAV granule (6188500 Reports ForNAV) in a customer’s license file (.flf). This is done in PartnerSource Business Center, at no cost to ForNAV.

If this is your first ForNAV granule sale, to access this granule, partners must first send an e-mail to: Please state your partner PSBC/VOICE number, and request access to the ForNAV ISV granule.