Error when the ForNAV DLL loads a non-ForNAV layout

An error can occur when the ForNAV DLL loads a non-ForNAV layout. This can happen in the following two scenarios:

  1. When a custom layout that is not a ForNAV layout is run from the Custom Report Layout page and is selected in the Report Layout Selection page.
  2. When an AL-report source file and its layout file are moved into a directory further down in the project folder structure. In this case, the AL-compiler generates a new empty layout file because the layout path is relative to the project root.
    In the following example, the original report files were moved under the Reports folder causing the compiler to generate a new rdlc file, Test Report.rldc, which does not contain the ForNAV layout:


You can recognize a ForNAV report layout by the rdlc layout having a <Description> xml node with base64 as the value, or a Word layout with a custom property with base64 content. For example: