Companial (formerly 1ClickFactory) and ForNAV

This article is relevant for ForNAV and newer versions.

The target audience for this article is ForNAV customers who are connecting to a Business Central service tier running on a server hosted by Companial (formerly 1ClickFactory/1Click).

ForNAV and Companial (formerly 1ClickFactory) are working together to make it as easy as possible to use the ForNAV Designer and reports in an environment hosted by Companial (formerly 1ClickFactory). However, there are some small changes to the service tier configuration that are needed in order to connect the Designer.

It is possible to connect a Designer running on your local workstation. This means that you do not have to install the ForNAV Designer on the server. Sometimes, however, you might want to do that anyway so that you have a central place for your consultants to go to design and work with ForNAV reports for a specific end-user installation.

To install the ForNAV Designer on the server, you must make the following changes:

  • Enable API Services under OData.
  • Change the development port to the default 1104 or another value that can be seen through the firewall.
  • Enable Developer Service Endpoint.
  • Enable SSL for the Developer Service Endpoint.

Apart from these things, you should follow the instructions on our website under Set up the ForNAV Converter and the ForNAV Designer. You should look at the section for an on-premise installation.