Announcing ForNAV 4.0

We are happy to announce general availability of ForNAV 4.0 (

This new version of ForNAV includes support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on-premises and private cloud, including support for both txt/objects and al/extensions. It also contains a major enhancement to the ForNAV Converter, enabling it to convert not just reports from txt/objects to al/extensions, but also all other types of objects.


ForNAV Standard Reports

  • Simplified ForNAV setup page

    ForNAV automatically detects your region.

    • New reports
      • Statement report
      • Reminder
      • Finance charge memo
      • Inventory valuation
      • Reconcile A/P to G/L
      • Vendor payments
    • Minor improvements to existing reports


ForNAV Converter

In ForNAV 4.0, the ForNAV Converter includes the following new improvements:

  • Converting “classic” reports to Business Central

    Conversion of reports from “classic” (Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 or earlier) directly to Business Central (txt/objects) or Business Central (al/extensions)

  • Converting reports from RDLC to Business Central

    Conversion of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 or newer RDLC reports to Business Central (txt/objects) or Business Central (al/extensions)

  • Using the ForNAV Converter to convert txt to al

    Support for the conversion of any C/SIDE object to al/extension. You can even keep your reports in RDLC format if you are not ready to migrate to ForNAV reports yet. This means that the ForNAV Converter offers you the added value of being a free, single-step tool to move from C/SIDE to Visual Studio Code development.

    The key features include:

    • One-stop conversion of txt to al from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central
    • Built-in creation of table and page extensions derived from a txt baseline application
    • The txt does not have to be imported and compiled on Business Central before the conversion. This means that cleanup can be done in Visual Studio Code, in a more efficient way than doing it in C/SIDE
    • Creation of meaningful names for UI elements that do not have a name property
    • Dotnet references, which also exist in the base app are included – but commented out
    • Codeunit delta files are converted to a .al skeleton
    • Codeunit 1 events are mapped automatically
    • No requirement for a ForNAV license, therefore it is free to use

    For more information, see the detailed Knowledge Base article here:

    You can also watch a video describing it here:

  • Minor improvements and enhancements


ForNAV Designer

In ForNAV 4.0, the ForNAV Designer includes the following new improvements:

  • Support for “MICR Encoding” fonts included in the setup

    This is needed for US check reports.

  • Support for embedding custom fonts

    Some documents – like checks – require specific fonts (MICR). Or your business might have a policy to use certain fonts. With ForNAV, these are embedded in the report, so you don’t need to have the fonts installed locally on all clients. You must have the right to use the font, though.

  • Preview enabled in Custom Report Layouts

    Customers without a developer license can now use the preview functionality when designing reports with Custom Report Layouts.

  • PDF printer made optional

    We have switched from the Microsoft PDF printer to internal rendering. This means faster execution with less dependencies. You can still use the Bullzip PDF printer that is embedded with the ForNAV license, if the additional features provided by Bullzip are relevant.

  • Fewer resources

    General optimizations mean less CPU usage and a lower memory footprint.

  • User control of the “Open Designer”

    New users setting the registry will control access to the “Open Designer” option on the report request page.

  • Save as html

    You can now save reports as html.


You can see the full list of changes to ForNAV here:

You can download ForNAV 4.0 here:

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