Upgrading ForNAV OnPrem reports to a newer version


Re-conversion of reports no longer needed


Until now, it has been necessary to re-convert ForNAV reports to enable them to run on a newer version of Business Central and NAV. This is due to ForNAV OnPrem reports using a DLL and, because Business Central does not support side-by-side versions of DLL (unlike other .net programs), the AL-code in the report had to be version specific. In ForNAV cloud reports, this has never been an issue because it uses a service instead of a DLL.


However, with ForNAV 6.2 and later, it is no longer necessary to re-convert if you want to use a newer version of Business Central. When a ForNAV report is loaded, it now automatically checks for a new version of the DLL and loads this instead of the old version. Because the old version is always used as a bootstrap loader, it is necessary to keep the old version installed on the service tier.


This means that old ForNAV reports can now benefit from new features and bug fixes with no extra work.