Printer troubleshooting

Working with printers is known to cause headaches. Both connection and performance can be difficult to get right. The mix of printers, printer ports, spooler services, print servers, security, and drivers sometimes makes it difficult to locate the problem. Here are some general hints and guide lines to help you if you experience problems:

  • Make sure that the exact same version of the printer driver is used on the server and the client.
  • Avoid using Universal printer drivers. Use the driver for the specific model instead.
  • On the NST: Log in as the user running the NST service. Connect to all the used network printers in that user context.
  • In a shared printer’s properties, on the Sharing tab, you can try selecting the Render print jobs on client computers check box and, on the Advanced tab, clear the Enable advanced printing features check box.
  • Try running the report from code with a SAVEASPDF command to test if the report is running slowly. This test can indicate if it is the report processing or the printing that is slow.
  • Clear the spooler data in the %WINDIR%\system32\spool\printers folder. Please note that other users can be affected by this and that the spooler service must be stopped when you delete the files.