Custom Fonts

Using custom fonts in reports has always been tricky because you used to have to install the fonts on both the server and the client machines.

With ForNAV, you can now use custom fonts in your reports without having to install these fonts on your service tier and client computers. The ForNAV Designer detects that a custom font is being used in the design and automatically embeds it in the report layout.

This feature is especially useful if you run Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud. Without this feature, you cannot currently use custom fonts.


  • The Web client preview does not show the custom fonts. The preview is based on a PDF viewer written in JavaScript. This viewer does not support custom fonts embedded in the output. It renders the text using a fallback font, such as Arial.


  • You must install the custom font on the machine where you are using the ForNAV Designer. It is solely your responsibility to ensure you have the right to use any embedded font.
  • You must be using Reports ForNAV version 4.0 or later.