Web Training for North America

ForNAV Web Training

This workshop consists of a total of six hours, split into three two-hour sessions.

Target audience: Application Manager, Functional/Technical Consultant, Developers new to ForNAV.

The instructor is René Brummel, Red & Bundle.

Training dates and times: March 3, March 10 and March 17, 2021, each day from 10am to noon (EST).

Session 1 – ForNAV AL Editing

  • Setup
  • Designer Deep Dive
  • Create new reports
  • Add ForNAV reports to your own extension
  • The ForNAV API

Session 2 – Changes without AL editing

  • Record session
  • Custom report layouts
  • Templates
  • ForNAV Language module
  • Adding data from other tables
  • Totals and transheaders and –footers
  • Add DataItems
  • Groupheaders and –footers
  • Direct Print
  • Archive

Session 3 – Conversion and upgrade

  • North American check report
  • Record session
  • JavaScript
  • Conversion classic + RDLC
  • Upgrade ForNAV
  • Editing older version reports
  • Upgrade ForNAV Reports
  • Best practice change layout vs new report vs convert

On day 1 and 3, there will be a small part that includes some basic extension work.

The price is USD 250 for each participant for all three sessions.
There’s a limit of 16 participants, so don’t hesitate to sign-up.

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