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ForNAV Standard Reports makes life easy for customers & partners

Get started quickly with a set of brand-new standard reports, designed and optimized for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with ForNAV.
The set of standard reports includes sales and purchase documents, and financial reports and statistics. Even a US check report is included.
You can install and deploy the ForNAV Customizable Report Pack in just a few minutes. You can work with the reports as they are, or you can easily modify them to support your business needs and layout.

Select a watermark or create your own

To further enhance the report design, you can choose from a set of included watermarks. These are PDF files, so you get a high resolution – regardless of how much you zoom in. If you want your own watermark, you can simply create one in accordance with the layout (for instance in Microsoft Word) and save it as a PDF file.

Unique Master Section technology

The unique ForNAV Master Section technology enables you to use sections from other reports as a “template”. This significantly eases the maintenance of, for instance, your sales documents, because the parts that are the same across a number of reports (for example, an invoice, a credit note, and an order confirmation) only have to be maintained in one place.

Labels & barcodes

Working with barcodes is increasingly a requirement for businesses. With ForNAV, barcodes are just a few clicks away. Select your data source, the type of barcode (or QR-code) you need, and place it on your document – and that’s it. No installment of fonts, no check sum calculation or anything like that. And, importantly, our barcodes are vectorized graphics, so you can scale them as much as you like – they will still be readable.

Embedded fonts

Some documents – like checks – require specific fonts (MICR). Or your business might have a policy to use certain fonts. With ForNAV, these are embedded in the report, so you don’t need to have the fonts installed locally. You must have the right to use the font, though.

Local print

In a cloud environment, local print can be a challenge. If you are, for instance, a warehouse worker or a retailer, you do not want to go to your computer and press “print” every time you need a label or a receipt. We have solved this challenge.

Fast & easy customization

Our Customizable Report Pack works perfectly as it is, out-of-the-box. But we also understand that some businesses need specific information on their documents, or require special logos, individual fonts, watermarks, branding, and so on. With ForNAV, you also get the comprehensive and easy-to-use ForNAV Designer. The entire Report Pack is built with our ForNAV Designer – so you (or your Dynamics 365 Business Central partner) can at any time modify the reports to meet your exact needs. For the more advanced user, you can even build your own reports from scratch. With the ForNAV Designer, you have full access to all fields and captions, including from your own and from other extensions (apps), without having to modify the dataset first.

Support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

ForNAV reports look like any other reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central. They run the same way, and we support all the features that you are familiar with, including print to Microsoft Word, PDF, preview, and so on.

Supported editions

We support Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium editions.

Supported countries

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

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